Emacs Speaks Statistics – Introductions


The ESS Introductions regroup several introductory presentation videos and support vignettes or files. It is work in progress so please revisit frequently.

Current Status

All the videos are available on the YouTube Channel.

Title Author Video Link Support Material Repository
First Steps with Emacs Dirk Eddelbuettel YouTube PDF Slides Repo
Installing ESS Tyler Smith YouTube Repo
ESS with Spacemacs Alexander Zarebski YouTube PDF Slides, Quickstart guide Repo
ESS Customization Frédéric Santos YouTube PDF Tutorial, Emacs ess-init.el Repo
ESS and OrgMode Greg Minshall YouTube PDF Slides Repo
Multi-User via Byobu/Tmux Dirk Eddelbuettel, Grant McDermott, Vincent Arel-Bundock YouTube PDF Slides Repo


See the GitHub organisation ess-intro is where it all happens.


The wiki of the ess-intro repo is a good starting point for additional information.

Feedback and getting in touch

If you have suggestions or questions about a particular presentation, please feel free to open an issue in the repository. Or if you have some meta information about the presentations, you can open an issue in the ESS intros project’s repository. Finally, if you are looking for generic help with ESS (and can’t find a solution in the documentation), you can sign up for the ESS Discussion and Help mailing list here.

All material is copyright by their respective creators.


We strive to have all material available under approved Open Source licenses. Contributors can choose their licensing terms provided these fit the overall guideline.